Nell Race


A Voice Less Loud

A Voice Less Loud


Walking down a grey and cheerless street in SE London, anticipating a distant glimpse of the Wapping Thames, I passed hoardings up around a derelict house.

A builder, a workman, a dusky soul had passed by with a bucket of paint, in excess.

With jerky movements of the arm he had snappily pelted paint around the hoardings. He had made one vast, chaotic, dazzling frame of thick, glossy blobs to the dilapidating house behind. The eyes of the wooden hoardings peeked out.

The vim within these gobbets of paint had been kindled by an impetuosity. They were also loaded to the core with zest, spirit, pith, integrity. And maybe some rage.


The surprise within ordinary things provides rich pickings. I too am always trying to get rid of the excess paint. Through a slow, often exasperating time of elimination and extraction I hope to make surfaces, marks, abstract images that convey something profoundly felt. I would like simply to offer a new leaf.


Nell Race, November 2011



Nell Race studied at the Central School of Art and Design (Central St. Martins), Wimbledon College of Art and Design and has a BAHons in Printed Textiles, 1974, from West Surrey College of Art and Design (University for the Creative Arts).


She has been exhibiting her work since 1974, including many solo shows. Her work is in collections in the UK, Belgium, France, Greece and the USA.





Not Knots    16 x 175 cms.



Remembered (triptych)    3 x 30 x 15 cms.



Diversion    50 x 150cms.



Eyot    20 x 40 cms.