James Lawrence Isherwood

Year of Birth: 1917
Year of Death: 1989

James Lawrence Isherwood was born and lived in Wigan, Lancashire, where he ran The Isherwood Gallery.

He travelled extensively and had over 200 shows, including colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

He painted a number of celebrities including the singer, Gracie Fields, round the world yachtsman, Sir Francis Chichester and Lord and Lady Weymouth.

Isherwood was an eccentric, controversial character whose work was uneven and often garish. But he could also produce telling images, as seen when a large body of his work was included in The Northern Art Show at the Mall Galleries in 1994.

Isherwood is one of a number of Northern Artists who are now being re-discovered. He has a strong following in the North of Englandand his prices have been increasing every year. His work has been purchased by a number of well known people including The Prince of Wales and L S Lowry.

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