Richard Price ROI

Richard Price was born in 1962 in Upminster Essex.
At 11 years of age he started painting and drawing from observation the fishing fleet at Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Encouraged to simply paint ‘anything’ he quickly was drawn to paint atmospheric conditions and light effects.

Later he studied at Portsmouth – where he developed an interest in figure painting, interiors and portraiture. In fact his degree show was a show of portraits and figure paintings. The everyday people, situations and places were his subjects.
Richard then moved to London and worked as a production design lecturer at the London International Film School having had an intensive period of instruction from his mentors Peter Proud (Production Designer) and Gareth Jones.
In 2001 he started to make his own images again. Back in the life room and very much motivated and encouraged by his new mentor John Bowen he soon resumed his painting.

Price has shown work at the NEAC, ROI, RSMA, RWA annual open’s and the RA Summer Show. He currently has work with Manya Igel Fine Arts in London and a number of other select galleries. In 2005 he won the Charles Pears memorial award for best painting by a non-member at the RSMA.

Richard Price has recently become a member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters - ROI.

Richard Price also teaches part-time and values highly the stimulus of his students. His work is not restricted to one subject. He is happy to be working in his studio or in solitude in the New Forest, by the sea or amongst the throngs of visitors in Venice. His figure painting is as exciting as his landscapes and seascapes.

‘I am interested in the application of paint in order to create different effects and images that are not just mere representations of the world about us, but works of art and beauty in and of themselves. It doesn’t matter to me what techniques and ideas I explore as long as they are suited and appropriate to match the subject and my senses and perception of it. I use my mind to develop ideas but work from my heart as much as I can. It is this that I believe is what touches others’.